Bridge to Brisbane – Volunteer Portal Information

If you are visiting this page you are part of the Bridge to Brisbane Volunteers!


We are excited to have you part of our team!

On this page you will find your:

  • Timetable
  • Volunteer Position Briefs
  • Contact Information
  • Volunteer Handbook

Can you please familiarise yourself with your role briefs. Team Leaders if you can please distribute the position briefs to your volunteer groups.

We couldn’t make this event a success so we thank you all for your time and energy!!

You will be rewarded for your Volunteering efforts with a t-shirt, certificate and snacks not to mention hanging out with 30,000 of your newfound Brisbane friends.


6.00am Elite Sporting Wheelies
6:10am 10km Blue & Red Elite Runners Start
6:20am 10km Green Runners Start
6:45am 10km Yellow Joggers Start
7:10am 10km Grey Walkers Start
9:20am 5km Event Start
11:00am Awards Presentations

Contact Us:

Volunteer  Contact: Belinda Eaton

Ph: +617 3139 0397

M: 0417 621 111